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Katy Perry Lady Gaga

Katy Perry’s criticism of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video sent tremors through the gossip columns earlier. This just goes to show, having convictions or opinions as a celebrity should probably be outlawed. In all honesty the story is just more hype from celebrityville and way, but the media would not support such triviality if no one wanted it. Next, convictions (or the lack thereof) will be outlawed worldwide perhaps?

One the one hand anyone has to ask Katy Perry; “What do you expect from Lady Gaga?” But, now Katy is being lambasted by every rag in Hollywood for what they suggest is her hypocrisy, dressing all sexy and everything.  Come on, have human sensibilities be degraded that far? Well, let’s not get into a morality conversation here. Maybe this really is a case of “the lesser of two evils?” Katy shows off her hot body, while Lady Gaga eats the bible a page at a time and humps Father Malone. I get it, don’t you?

The point is, PR and conventional thinking appears headed for the sewer any way. I like Lady Gaga personally. Why, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. As for Perry? Well, I cannot really disagree with her convictions either. Maybe she should have kept her mouth shut and went about her business, but don’t we want our celebrities to be real people?

Peace FM’s little blurb about the incident reveals a lot about media these days too. They seem more interested in being right about the inconceivably obvious than making any difference in the world. I have a novel idea! Why don’t we let the people involved duke it out.

But then, I doubt Lady Gaga shunned the extra publicity. She probably could give a damn, what Perry thinks. Isn’t this what “shock” value is all about? Let’s remember Madonna shall we? Katy, it is still okay to wear revealing outfits and not like hanging yourself upside-down on the cross. Lady Gaga’s next video will probably include both.

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