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Daily Kibble everything-pr

Companies step up their PR efforts during this holiday season, an ideal occasion to boost sales and brand awareness. Daily Kibble joins the trend, hiring Whitegate PR (led by the former Miss Can – Diego)  to increase visibility and credibility within the pet community. Details of the campaign haven’t been released, but given Whitegate’s experience within the pet industry, the focused campaigns will certainly have the desired outcome.

Daily Kibble is a newsletter focused on “the inside poop on the latest, greatest, hottest, and coolest everything…for pets.” Whitegate will provide the company with opportunities for cross-promotion and branding with “pet-ential” partners.

In the coming months Daily Kibble is planning on unleashing some special content, including their annual Holiday Gift Guide and the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. It will be certainly attention worthy to see how Whitegate will promote the new content and the giveaway, outside already-standard campaigning via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. We expect to see improvements and more content on Daily Kibble’s own website; as well as clear connections to Daily Kibble’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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