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Is it just me, or are people becoming obsessed with using bees in branding? This week alone I stumbled upon more than ten companies that are using bees in their logos and web identity. Nothing wrong in using bees, unless all these companies employed the same bee-obsessed designer to create their brand identities.

First on the list, Los Angeles-based start-up nProgress has recently launched a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android that helps you discover interesting connections with the people around you. The app, called ntro (pronounced “intro”) has a bee accompanying its logotype and a hive-based identity.


ntro’s identity doesn’t make much sense, but it didn’t stop them from raising over $1.7MM in angel funding.

Recently featured at Everything PR, Hively‘s bee at least makes sense. The best thing is the site doesn’t give you the impression that you landed in an angry hive.

hively screenshot

Posterbee is a sharing platform that allows companies to share links, slides, videos and files and have a searchable bank in the cloud, that can be accessed at any time. They are bee and honey obsessed too, but at least the “bee” is stylized in the logotype to resemble a thought bubble.

posterbee screenshot

B2Bee is another company obsessed with bees. This time, the bees take care of online billing. In their own words: the Bee is an online invoicing, expense tracking, and profit reporting tool. The beauty of B2Bee is that for every payment they receive every month, they will donate 25 cents towards saving the bees. And considering that it will cost your only 14 USD per month to use B2Bee… you have nothing to lose.

b2bee screenshot.

I end the list with Present Bee – the most “cutesy” design of them all. Despite the first impression, it is not a site for children. It integrates with Facebook to help you find gift ideas specific to one person that the rest of the person’s social network can participate in. Pretty handy if you didn’t know what to give for Christmas.

present bee screenshot.

I could go on with the list, showing you all possible bee-focused identities I found this week. Some are simply not worth the mention. The five above are, however, quite interesting businesses, that could be useful eventually. If you know of other interesting “bee” companies, please list them in the comments below. The bee has to be an integrated part of the company’s identity.

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