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Give Russell Brand a Break everything-pr

Russell Brand is not everyone’s favorite personality, but like so many others he is sometimes put in at a disadvantage. And, no one likes that. Russell’s most recent run in with bad PR, his supposed battery on a paparazzi punk, just goes to show why so many famous people turn reclusive. As for the paparazzi? There is no glory in claiming a bulimic attack you dudes.

Russel Brand is no stranger to run ins like the one at LAX on Friday, he has had trouble many times before. But like the guy or not being charged with battery for pushing the infuriatingly pushy? Anyone looking at the video TMZ posted of Brand’s run in while escorting fiancé Katy Perry to a plane can see, the guy is just trying to clear the way for his wife to be. Face it, being affronted by ill mannered, smart ass photographers asking rediculous questions – any guy worth his salt would respond similarly.

I don’t even like Russell Brand. Some people would say the guy has trouble written all over him – his past a skeleton not many could ever escape. But these vultures who sell their wares to the likes of TMZ and others, the occupational hazard of being carrion is getting smacked around once in a while. Man of for crying out loud and be glad Brand is not John Wayne.

Now there’s a story for TMZ – “Russell Brand Evokes Visions of John Wayne In LAX Brawl.” Face it, Hollywood, especially the paparrazi, have become such candy asses.

Mean old Russell Brand hit me! Whaaaah!

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