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Food critic Anthony Bourdain may be a bit of a foodie “bad boy”, but the world acclaimed culinary celebrity also knows good PR form. A recent episode of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” got almost all of New Mexico up in arms over Bourdain’s lashing out at their homegrown “World Famous” Frito pies from the Santa Fe Five & Dime General Store’s snack bar.

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According to Bourdain, the ever popular dish was made with canned Hormel Chili, not exactly what fans of the famous pies wanted to hear. Spokeswoman for Bourdain,  Karen Reynolds later  told The Associated Press the writer was incorrect in his description of the chili used by Santa Fe’s Five & Dime General Store’s snack bar.

The razor sharp Bourdain also critiqued the pies for not even being a New Mexico meal. He proclaimed them a creation of the Lone Star State of Texas instead, which further fired up the New Mexicans. Mike Collins, store manager of the Five & Dime, told reporters his staff has no hard feelings for Bourdain. All that remains is for Hormel to chastise the great chef for not so ambiguously dissing their canned chili now.

But then Bourdain seems to know how to take it, as well as “dish” it out. Excuse the puns please.

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