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Lady GooGooFor Lady Gaga, image is very important, so when an online virtual character for kids, no matter how cute it is, makes a poor representation of her work, Ms. Gaga heads to court. The UK court apparently agreed with Gaga and ordered a temporary injunction against the use of Moshi Monsters character Lady GooGoo.

According to the Guardian, the injuction will prevent Lady GooGoo from performing her highly acclaimed songs like “Peppyrazzi” on YouTube and iTunes. Moshi Monsters parent company Mindy Candy had planned to release the songs via YouTube and iTunes, but Lady Gaga apparently saw that as being one step too far.

Currently, parody songs do not enjoy the same level of protection in the UK that they have in the US. While the character Lady GooGoo may continue strut around in the Moshi Monsters online world, kids who were hoping to get her songs on iTunes will have to find other, less than legal methods.

“Tribute bands and parody songs have been around for years but what this case shows is the potential power of registered trademark law to put a stop to some of their activities,” said Alastair Shaw, counsel at law firm Hogan Lovells.

The reason for the injunction stems from Lady Gaga’s evidence, which reportedly proved some of her “little monsters” were confused by the Moshi Monsters songs. Mindy Candy, however, seemed pretty confident that even 6-year-old kids playing its game could tell the difference. High Court Justice Vos disagreed.

Parody regulations may be headed for change in the UK, if the overhaul proposed by Professor Ian Hargreaves becomes law. Until then Lady GooGoo has the right to remain silent, unless she needs her bottle.

Lady Gaga’s PR team is 42 West.

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