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Services and prices Supreme PR

Extremely transparent pricing policy

Wellcome to the innovative nano store of PR services. You can view the offers and promotions in detail. The tariffs are the same for everyone. No queries like “what’s your budget?” Clear billing and clear services. Each service is clearly delineated and has a flat rate. You know what you pay for and it doesn’t matter who you are – a Forbes billionaire or a business start-up.

  • The cost of publishing in the media 15% agency commission + editorial cost
  • Write an editorial text in Russian 10,000 rubles
  • Editorial text for TOP economic media 50,000 rubles
  • Editorial text in English 15,000 rubles
  • Editorial text in Chinese RUB 15,000
  • And also in French, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Latvian, German, Romanian. We work in all languages ​​of the world. 15,000 rubles
  • Publishing content in all languages ​​of the world. There are media from $ 50 per link. Selection by subject, region and language

Preparation of a database of contacts of journalists in a selected region of the world

We select a database of journalists. Names. Mail. Telephones. The base is collected in the region of your interest. The cost of selecting journalists and mailing the release is 25,000 rubles

Distribution of a release in Russia on your topic

We select journalists according to your topic. All Russia, Region, city. Mailing 15,000 rubles

ICO media ready solutions

  • 10 publications Russia – 30,000 rubles. (price includes texts and rewrites)
  • 5 publications world – 30,000 rubles (1 text without rewrites)

PR services catalog

“PR Shares” service – market capture or 50 shares that will glorify you forever

  • from 2 to 5 TOP cited media
  • tens, hundreds of Yandex news
  • Reposts of reposts of your news in social networks
  • Organic millions of live video views


  • Development of 50 shares – 500,000 rubles
  • DISCOUNT 40% – when ordering two blocks of 50 shares – 650,000 rubles
  • Sale of 1 share – from 20,000 rubles. The estimate is prepared so that you can achieve maximum efficiency at the optimal share price.

How to make PR campaigns even cheaper?

  • You can get 10 shares that will change the world for 150,000 rubles

Service “Legal PR” “Medical PR” subscription

  • The package is developed individually based on your strengths
  • Information support
  • Writing press releases, 4 articles per month on hot topics
  • Publishing releases in Yandex News (on news portals)
  • Publish experts in the expert database for media
  • Consulting on working with the media
  • Help in maintaining social networks (consultations)
  • Help and organization in conducting online conferences
  • Targeting PR in social networks (we will send the published articles to someone who may be interested in them). Additional budget required for social media advertising


  • for 50,000 rubles you get a professional press service in your state
  • minimum contract for 3 months

Service “Return debts using PR”

  • Only suitable for large debts
  • Acts as an effective adjunct to legal showdowns
  • Together with PR, debt is repaid much faster.
  • + What is important to you will be included in the package


  • from 50,000 rubles

Service “Cleaning up the negative in the media”

  • We put a block on the negative where it is necessary and where it is possible
  • Neutralization of the released news
  • Removing negativity from the Internet, media, blogs, YouTube, etc.


  • from 50,000 rubles
  • Negotiated price for preliminary analysis of the brand or surname

Service “Information Defense”

  • For large and medium-sized businesses
  • Create a defense strategy
  • Installing the block on negative
  • Holding actions in defense of the company
  • It is better to prevent war at the very beginning of the conflict, our task is to extinguish the hotbed of conflict immediately
  • Publications in the business press


  • from 300,000 rubles

You can ask your question

Other services

PR service for a product brand

  • 50 shares and your product becomes a star

Negative SEO PR neutralization. Displacement of negativity from TOP 30 search engines

  • from 90,000 rubles

“Concert PR” service

  • 150,000 rubles
  • concert with stars, bloggers and photographers
  • publication in yandex media
  • at least 20 news sites
  • live broadcast of your event

Service “Subscriber PR service”

  • 50,000 rubles
  • 10 YANDEX news per month
  • Working as a press service for your organization – taking calls, working with the press
  • Publications on the Internet, blogs and social networks

Service “Intracorporate PR”

  • from 150,000 rubles
  • gaining power and a career within a certain company
  • information warfare
  • career growth
  • solving hard-to-reach issues
  • result guarantee

Service “Protection of business, property, home, land”

  • from 250,000 rubles
  • statements to the prosecutor’s office, obEP, ministry of internal affairs, class action
  • filing a class action lawsuit immediately by our lawyers
  • as an option – prayer standing action in support of justice
  • conducting live broadcasts in all social networks from prominent bloggers
  • publication of material in the TOP business press

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