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Advertisers targeting travelers with a taste for high-end accommodation will have a new channel to consider for their ad campaigns: a new streaming video system deployed at five Marriott Hotels. The system, Web TV-guide, has been deployed by Ad Systems Communications, Inc., a leading service provider of digital media and video communications for major cable TV networks, together with Superior Broadband, Inc.

The streaming video feed will be delivered to over 3000 high-end hotel rooms, enabling advertisers to reach about 70 000 travelers per month through this closed circuit advertising system.

“In this market segment there has never been a better opportunity to generate revenue from a previously untapped advertising demographic,” states J. Michael Heil, CEO of Ad Systems Communications, Inc.

Web TV-guide is an Internet data retrieving server that downloads channel content and then broadcasts it to specific channels. It allows satellite, cable, and private television distribution services the ability to run streaming video or commercial content from a file format.

Ad Systems is currently negotiating to extend the streaming video system to several additional resort properties in the coming months.

Gray New York is Marriott’s ad agency – no word if they like the move. Burson-MarstellerGolin-Harris and others handle the PR for the hotel conglomerate.

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