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Lady Gaga fashion everything-pr triba space

Lady Gaga is quickly becoming an icon of way out fashion. Just how far out she can go is anyone’s guess, but a new online travel company I just discovered may just out do her. Triba Space is a private beta startup aimed at the totally underutilized fashion space online. If you are looking for a new fashion tribe, want to see the future of fashion, extend your own fashion brand – a space for this is coming soon.

Lady Gaga has shown her individuality, “style,” wearing everything from blood soaked linen to – well, anything you can imagine. Fashion being what it is, art is expressed as diversely as it is on canvas. The same should be true for fashion online, but somehow it is not. Even really good fashion stores are not all that predominant, and tools for people in fashion? Non-existent.

Until now that is. Triba Space is a startup aimed with pinpoint accuracy at the heart of fashion – the artists who create it – their brands – their events, you get the idea.

Going Gaga for Online Fashion

So far Triba Space’s innovation extends to helping people in fashion organize, access, and further utilize all their information (guest lists, even planning, presentations, etc.). Even helping PR firms like us!  A sort of digital work assistant accessible via about a zillion points from mobile to Facebook and beyond.

Triba Space seems intent on helping all of fashion (particularly emerging markets and talent) extend their brands and orchestrate the fashion world. If the startup’s blog is any indication, things in Germany are headed toward a very crisp fashion portal. It’s clear nothing like this exists in the fashion world – not with the clarity.

Triba Space, Lady Gaga of online fashion

Style, that’s what it’s about – clear organization

On the web, images are so powerful, just looking at what Triba Space offers so far, it is clear the developers are not overlooking this aspect (great stills high res). As for their private beta? I emailed their CEO moments ago to allow the world greatest beta tester (well one of them any way) inside for a peek. But this is certain, no one else has approached fashion from this new perspective.

Triba Space, the look of online fashionWhy Didn’t I Think of This?

Without going behind the doors, it is difficult to project Triba Space’s upcoming features. But, the narrow niche of fashion people, journalists to designers themselves, is a fantastic targets. I expect the fashion consumer will have a part of the platform as well – not to offer this would be madness online.

Style, a component of beauty we often overlook. Lady Gaga has a style, you may not agree with it, but it’s there. What is visible on Triba Space so far is a crisp combination of visual style and the impression that much more exists inside the store. If symbolism means anything, it appears this startup is headed in the right direction. The narrow niche, maybe the so called “non-consumer,” and potential out the wazoo. I like it so far, can you tell?

I will continue to update you on what’s really going on at Triba Space, as my impending invitation to test surely must be on the way. I like the space and the layout so far, save the landing, which could use some help. That just goes to show, designing clothes and landing pages are not one in the same. Check out Triba Space, especially their blog, and this is for you Lady Gaga.

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