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White Space PR and DesignWhite Space PR, and Ipswich-based creative agency, has just been tagged by Bentek and SEH French to provide copywriting, social media, and otherr support for the new clients.

Aside the White Space efforts at revamping Bentek’s webcopy, the PR and design firm will also help launch the UK company onto the social media scene, according to the news from White Space. Blogging, email newsletter aspects, and other services were discussed.

For those unfamiliar with Bentek, the company provides a wide range of business IT installation and support services.

White Space’s second new client, SEH French, is one of East Anglia’s leading construction companies. White Space is slated to help the company gain visibility on a regional and national scale. A SEH Group company, SEH French offers a very comprehensive set of services aimed at the building and construction industry.

Interested readers can visit the suggested links to find out more about these companies, or engage White Space PR directly via their Twitter feed here, or their Facebook, and/or g+ profiles.

Bentek landing page.

Bentek’s current landing page – indicative of the need

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