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Media relations

Initiating a discussion in the media about your question. Publishing news where it is needed under a given vector. Federal media, Internet, Digital, native advertising, blogger support.

Corporate PR

Protecting corporations from information and public initiatives. Carrying out information protection against militant information attacks

Anti-crisis PR

Each situation has its own viewing angle. Work for the result under a contract with clear parameters and goals. Negative neutralization. New life from scratch without negative

Clean social media work

Formation of the image of companies and individuals in social networks. Increase and decrease of image

PR campaigns

Initiating a discussion in the media about your question. Development and implementation of news stories. Displaying news in the TOP.


Organization of Event Public Relations of shares. We invite the press. Accreditation. Reporting. Transparent pricing policy


The company is based on the knowledge and experience of a public relations technologist Ivan Makarov, a student of Anton Vuyma (Official certification in the oldest agency of Anton Vuyma "Spiritual Heritage"). We are part of the international communication group "Agency for Strategic Communications".

Professional team

We will be glad to answer your questions. Only professionals work for us

Achievement and goals

Problem delivery and solution search. Planning and achieving goals

About us

PR-agency of Russia "Supreme PR" - we work all over the world

PR-agency “Supreme PR” creates information events that penetrate the Internet, TV, radio, news, press, newspapers, magazines. The newsletter organizer stays in the background, giving stakeholders the spotlight.

Our PR agency will help you in all areas:

  • Business reputation protection and management.
  • PR campaigns to protect businesses and increase the value of business shares.
  • Integration of news stories in the media.
  • Information cleaning of business reputation.
  • Shooting of copyright TV programs, preparation for participation in TV programs.
  • Protection from Black PR, information warfare. Blocking negative publications.
  • Legal PR tools to protect against defamation and black PR.
  • Positive Strategic Public Sector Initiatives.
  • Organization and holding: press conferences, PR events, summits and round tables, networking sessions, PR seminars and concerts.
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Completed projects

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Team members

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Scheme of work

  • You can choose ready-made solutions at fixed prices
  • Or you can get customized solutions
  • Analyzing the task
  • We are preparing you an individual offer
  • We conclude an agreement
  • We generate 50 PR shares. Bringing agreed scenarios to life
  • We provide interim reports. Online project consulting in 24 hours
  • Analytics and a full report on the conducted activity
  • Guaranteed PR support after the activity
  • We work all over the world

Our PR agency will help you in all directions

Journalistic investigation. Tell your version of events as it is without distorting the truth!


We cooperate with the media, bloggers and celebrities

We work all over the world!

Economic PR – Intra-corporate PR – Concert PR – Legal PR – Protection from information wars – Protection of property – Return of debts – Protection from black PR – Removal of negativity in the media – Block on negativity in the media – Publications in international media under a given vector – Holding international press -conferences





We will be glad to answer all your questions. Call us or fill out the form and we will contact you shortly







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